10th team listed on FPHL home schedule(s); gives big location hint

Late last week we received word from a couple of readers who were able to grab a home schedule for the Columbus River Dragons, who were out promoting the team at a community event, and on that schedule were a couple of interesting notes, mainly centering around the rumored 10th team that the Federal Prospects Hockey League will be adding.

Here’s the image we were sent:


Pretty standard home schedule, but the biggest part is where we drew the circles in red, which confirms our earlier story that the 10th team was in fact listed on the FPHL master schedule.

But the bigger news of that image is that it narrows down the location of the 10th team. There had been talk of them playing in Bloomington, Illinois and Battle Creek, Michigan, with other Michigan cities rumored to be in the running, including Lapeer and Lansing.

So while we don’t know the exact city where the FPHL’s 10th team will be playing this fall, we do now know that it will be in Michigan.

All signs, and one source close to the situation says that the team will play in Battle Creek, but the Interstate Hockey League continues to say that it holds the market. In a recent conversation BLH had with The Rink in Battle Creek on Facebook, they did say they are looking forward to hosting the IHL this fall, but would not comment on if a lease had actually been signed by the IHL, and did not offer any information on the FPHL possibly coming to town. But there are rumblings that the IHL is in financial trouble (more on this later), opening up questions on if they will actually play this fall.

Regardless of it’s Battle Creek or not, the 10th team is set for Michigan.

Also of note on the 10th team, BLH has learned that despite the FPHL schedule slated to be released today at 5pm EST, a league source says the 10th team will not be made official until a later date, and that all team schedules will simply have “MICHIGAN” listed on their schedule, like the Columbus picture above, until the 10th team is finalized and introduced.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new news or information regarding both the 10th FPHL team, and the state of the IHL.

A big thank you to @BigLadHarris and @37Loeffler for the pictures of this schedule.



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