FHL standings say Danville and Mentor have been eliminated. They have not actually been eliminated

We noted it earlier, but with between seven and nine games left for each FHL team, the playoff field is essentially set, barring an insane comeback from either Mentor or Danville, coupled with an equally insane collapse from Port Huron or Watertown.

We say essentially, because though the playoff field is pretty much decided, it’s not technically set at the moment.

But according to the FHL website, the playoff race is officially over, with Danville and Mentor both eliminated today, on a day when nobody played. Rough way to find out your season is basically over.

FHL elminated

Again, neither of these teams is technically eliminated yet, even Mentor, which is down at least five regulation wins and 20 points could still make it if they win at least seven of their final nine games and see Watertown lose out. Or, they could win eight of their final nine games, see Port Huron lose out, and jump them for a playoff spot.

As for Danville, they need to win no fewer than five of their final eight games, and then also hope that one of Port Huron or Watertown also basically goes winless down the stretch.

And the best news: Mentor and Danville do not play each other for the rest of the season, so the dream of both the Ice Breakers and Dashers sneaking into the playoffs is still alive! I hope it happens.

The FHL: Where you haven’t technically been eliminated from playoff contention, but even the league basically admits that you have been.


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