Bus League Hockey wants to send you and a friend to the game of your choice!

It’s been a crazy, absurd, fun, and way more successful first year-ish at Bus League Hockey than any of us thought it would be, and as a way of saying thank you to our readers, we want to give the best gift of all: Hockey tickets.

That’s right. We want to send you and a friend to the game of your choice. Really, it’s insanely simple, go to our Facebook Page and LIKE us and share the post about giving away the tickets; or go our Twitter Page and FOLLOW us and retweet our post about the ticket giveaway and you’re entered. That’s it. That simple. If you already Like or Follow us on either platform, you’re halfway there.

We will announce a winner next Friday, December 28.

Now, there are some rules and limitations.

If you are the winner, you can pick any game that you want to see in the FHL, SPHL, NAHL, or USHL, the leagues that we mainly cover here, and because they are way more affordable. Sorry, but no chance we can afford to send you to a NHL game or something like that.

Also, be advised that, again, we make absolutely ZERO money off this site, so don’t expect the full VIP treatment with seats on the glass and waitresses coming by to bring you free drinks. We’re getting you in the door, and from there you’re on your own.

So yeah, go to our Facebook Page, give us a Like and share the post about the ticket giveway; or go to our Twitter Page, give us a Follow and retweet the post about the ticket giveaway. Oh and be sure to tell your friends!



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