USACHL finally admits season is over, somehow claims they are coming back next season AND blames everyone else

A week after the USACHL was officially declared dead with the arenas that hosted the Laredo Bucks and Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees saying that there would be no more hockey this season, we FINALLY have a press release from the USACHL that admits the season is done.

But do they admit that the league as a whole is done, and that they are sorry for what happened? Nope. According to them, it’s everyone else’s fault that the league didn’t play this year. Oh, and they claim they are coming back next year.

The full release in screenshot form from their Instagram page, the best place to put all important news releases:


Let’s start from the top.

The “business interference” they speak of is just…wow. Three of the four arenas in the league flat-out said the league wasn’t paying its bills, or not living up to obligations that were in the lease they signed before the season…and yet they are mad the people are “interfering” with their business. Or, they got mad that people shut things down when they weren’t getting paid. The nerve of those arenas for wanting what they were due.

Oh, and then in the same line blaming everyone else they say they are “suspending operations” until next season, rather than admit this thing is done. I have a question: Where the hell are they going to find new towns and arenas dumb enough to let them play there or put a new team down? Laredo is gone. Wichita Falls is gone. MAYBE if you really begged and pleaded the RGV area might let them come back, but no way. Again, you need probably six teams to be a legit league, and they currently have NONE, and no prospective markets to put new teams. Oh, and all the awful things the league has done have been written about here, in the papers in the respective towns that had teams, on TV, and on other sites that cover junior hockey. It’s not a secret that this league scammed four towns and dozens of players, and hopefully any town that these people approach will do their research and laugh them out of the building.

I enjoy the remark about RGV not leaving the league until there was no other option, as if there were other options. What options were there? Stay and be the only team in the “league” and play exhibition games that don’t count, don’t have stats, and won’t have scouts from legit leagues or colleges in the stands? Yeah, definitely want to stick around for that!

And then they almost seem to blame Wichita Falls, Laredo, and the Texas Lawmen for players leaving, despite those players not getting actual games, practices, gym memberships, and who knows what else. Yeah, I don’t blame them for leaving.

Then to top it all off on the player comments, the league says they worked hard to get players on new teams in new leagues, when it was likely parents, billets, outside advisers, fans on social media, and coaches, not the league.

And then Bill Davidson has his words. He claims he feels bad for all the fans and is doing all he can to pay the debts the league owes. Really, that’s the only honest part of this whole thing, not that he says he’s going to pay the debts, because I’d bet that doesn’t happen, but that he admits the league has debts that it owes to numerous places. Then he says some garbage about building towards next season, and puts the actual scare quotes on “Business Interference Case” saying whatever is happening is in the hands of their legal team.

What a press release.

Despite all of the facts and news that’s come out from players, parents, coaches, and the arenas, and they still put out a release saying everything was great and it was everyone else’s fault.

Can’t wait until next season!





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