USACHL’s Texas Lawmen call it quits

Well, it was bound to happen after the “game” reports this last weekend, but we officially have our first casualty of the ongoing disaster that is the USACHL.

The Texas Lawmen posted on Facebook Thursday afternoon that the team was folding after playing only a handful of games, and reportedly having only four players left before last weekend’s games.

Here’s a screengrab of the Facebook post, so it lives on before it inevitably gets deleted.


Some may remember that we discovered the news that Lawmen just kind of appeared out of thin air one Friday evening, and things never got better from there.

It raised a ton of questions, because the team was made less than two months before the season was slated to start, never had a home arena (The league allegedly bought an arena in the area it was putting a million dollars into for them, but they never played a home game there), and by the end had four players for last weekend’s “games” against the Rio Grande Valley Bees, resulting in the Bees having to lend them players for the weekend and the two “team” playing a 3-on-3 “showcase” event for the fans that did show up.

With this news breaking, the thoughts immediately go to if the remaining USACHL teams will even take the ice this weekend. We can guarantee at least one probably won’t, because they don’t have anyone to play all of a sudden.

The league is now down to three teams, each of which already had skeleton rosters last weekend, with Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, and Wichita Falls each having maybe 12 players take the ice, and reports are that many players have moved on to pay-to-play leagues, or tryouts with other teams.

Three teams is not a league, and if they decide to keep playing, you wonder if they just do a rotating series each weekend, with maybe all three teams in Laredo one weekend for a trio of games, then move it to RGV, then Wichita Falls. Or more likely, they call it quits and just accept their losses.

The first domino has fallen, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any further developments with the USACHL and its remaining three teams.




2 thoughts on “USACHL’s Texas Lawmen call it quits

  1. Need to relocate that Wichita Falls team to somewhere on the border with Mexico and save on travel costs. Maybe McAllen, Brownsville, or Matamoros? Though I feel like Rio Grande Valley probably already plays in one of those cities.


    1. Yeah, RGV I think is in either Hidalgo or Brownsville, and the Lawmen were right next door in McAllen. It never made sense why three teams were that far away from WF.


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