The FHL off-season has been a blast so far

From the moment the FHL season ended with the Watertown Wolves hoisting the Commissioner’s Cup, all eyes and ears immediately turned to the off-season, because everyone who follows the league even mildly close, knew that there was going to be a TON of news to come.

And so far, the FHL off-season has not disappointed.

We’ve had every sort of expansion rumor you can think of, from where a team might play, to how many teams the league will be adding, and even teams that may not join the league until 2019. Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Indiana it seems like every state in FHL territory has been tied to or rumored to be talking about a possible FHL team.

It’s also been insanely fun to receive tips and hints from people in various roles in the league, or people who are just fans who heard something from somebody who heard something about a team. Seriously, you have no idea how much we love any sort of rumor about this league and expansion, so if you think you have something, reach out.

And then we’ve even stirred the pot by listing potential sites, as well as how teams could potentially fold in the future, hypothetical situations about the league possibly playing without North Shore, we’ve tried to cover every angle we can think of when it comes to off-season coverage.

And it’s all been insanely fun to cover, write about, and even gossip about as we try to come up with new and fresh daily story ideas here at Bus League Hockey.

Seriously, we get a tip about where a team might be, even if it’s just, “Look to Pennsylvania for expansion,” and we immediately fire up our computers and start searching high and low for rinks that fit the mold of what the FHL is looking for, then try to weigh the pros and cons of each location and how feasible it might be.

But what makes the FHL so fun to cover and speculate about, particularly during the off-season, is that there are so many places that could potentially fit the mold of what the FHL is looking for. When we speculate about the SPHL, USHL, or even ECHL, you kind of know what you’re looking for there, and what the league is looking for.

The FHL, the only thing we know is that the rink has to have 1500+ seats. That’s it. There are a lot of rinks that seat 1500+ in the midwest that are in towns similar in size to other FHL cities. There are literally dozens of towns and rinks that could be home to FHL teams if the right people were in place. Now, obviously that isn’t going to happen or the FHL would have more teams than the NHL, but it leaves us no shortage of things to wonder about.

But perhaps best of all: There is so much more to come.

Seriously, we KNOW two teams are coming, and we can’t wait for that news to drop, for us to start talking about how we think the market might take to hockey, what the team name might be, what it means for future expansion, what it means for the league this year, expansion draft results, and tons of other stuff that will come up. Seriously, the off-season has only been a month and a half or so, and we have until late October before the actual games start.

So buckle up (bus joke), and enjoy the ride, we can’t wait to keep bringing you even more FHL news and speculation.


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