Could hockey make a return to Memphis/Southaven? We chatted with Landers Center and the Pro Hockey Return to Memphis page to find out

Well, the expansion rumor mill is WHITE HOT all of a sudden, after a new page about the return to pro hockey to the Memphis/Southaven area popped up on Facebook recently.

Memphis has been the talk of numerous rumors for a new SPHL or FPHL team since the River Kings folded right around the time we started this site, and a lot of the news and rumors about the market never really went anywhere.

So with seeing that page, we reached out to both the rink, the page, and FPHL sources to see just how legit this page and their desire to put a team in the Memphis area is. Finally, a man named Andreas Johansson, the head of the page and potential majority owner, answered. He gave us insight to the page, and answered the million dollar question of if this potential team is eyeing the SPHL or FPHL.

Prior to chatting with us, one source confirmed that Johansson has had previous interest in owning a team for a while, which you will see in the below conversations.

Below are our unedited transcripts and screenshots of the the conversations we have with Landers Center and Johansson via the Pro Hockey Return to Memphis page.

Landers Center

So we did exactly that shortly after receiving that message, and this afternoon at around 1:40pm, our chat with the Pro Hockey Return to Memphis and Mr. Johansson began. And lucky for us, Johansson agreed to let us share everything that was discussed during our chat.

Please note that some images contain where the previous screenshot ended, so you can see the continuity in the chat.


So there you have it. Apparently this bid to bring hockey back to Memphis IS serious, and if the arena is having us direct questions to that page, they are certainly on board with it as well. And in perhaps the ultimate shocker, they have straight-up said they want to be part of the Fed over the SPHL.

Obviously more things need to happen, but it looks like the Memphis/Southaven area is certainly on the fast-track to seeing professional hockey return to Landers Center.

We’ll keep you updated with any other information or news we get in regards to this.


3 thoughts on “Could hockey make a return to Memphis/Southaven? We chatted with Landers Center and the Pro Hockey Return to Memphis page to find out

  1. I love it and the fact that the FPHL is growing.. this thing could really start to change! I could see 16 teams within the next 2 years with maybe 4 more markets going more southern towards Carolina and Columbus! Great article as always from the guys over at bus league!


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