Ranking the logos of the FPHL

For a league that’s taken a lot of crap over the years, the Federal Prospects Hockey League has weirdly had a lot of good logos over the years.

We did this last season as well with six teams, and a clear winner and loser emerged from that bunch.

But with a whopping four new teams, we decided to revisit these rankings, and the new teams put together very strong showings. Our voting saw two teams run away from the pack, and one team that was so far behind everyone else you can’t help but laugh. You can probably guess who that one is.

Just a quick refresher on how this works, we asked our voters to rank the teams from 1 to 10, with your favorite logo getting a 1, and your least favorite logo getting a 10, then added up the scores. We had five voters for this ranking, so the best a logo could score was a five, and the worst a logo could score was a fifty.

This was one of the more bizarre votes, that actually came down to the last ballot submitted to determine who had the best logo, and for the first time that we can ever recall doing these rankings across two sites, two ballots ended up exactly the same.

Special thank you to Evansville Thunderbolts play-by-play announcer Tommy Pecoraro and the always fun Huntington Hockey Twitter account for joining us as special guest voters this week! Be sure to give both of them a follow on Twitter.

On with the rankings!

10. Elmira Enforcers

Score: 50, voted last on every ballot

Elmira Enforcers

Absolutely no surprise here, from Day 1 this has been laughed about as the worst logo in the Fed, with jokes ranging from The Village People to…well, a very NSFW comic in Sweden that you can go ahead and look up. In a league where the other nine logos all look professionally done, this…does not.

9. Watertown Wolves

Score: 37, Highest Vote: 5th; Lowest Vote: 9th, twice.


I think this speaks to the quality of the Fed that this logo is ninth. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but it just looks too similar to that of the Minnesota Timberwolves or the University of Connecticut. Perfectly fine logo, but doesn’t really stand out in any way.

8. Port Huron Prowlers

Score: 36, Highest Vote: 5th; Lowest Vote: 9th


Sort of like Watertown, nothing wrong with it, and gets points for trying to be creative with the PROWLERS wordmark being the teeth in the animal, but as Huntington Hockey put it, the logo ends up looking too cluttered to really be pleasing. Nice color combo, and again, if this is eighth, then we have a lot of good logos ahead.

7. Delaware Thunder

Score: 34, Highest Vote: 6th, three times; Lowest Vote: 9


A pretty tame logo, one that really could use more color and more details than that just the face of Thor. The grey, black, and white all kind of blend into each other so nothing really pops out at you. This is also the third straight logo that has yellow eyes for some reason. Not a bad effort at all from the Thunder, and as we’ve noted before, coming up with a good logo for singular names like Storm, Thunder, Havoc, etc., is a tough task, but this isn’t bad by any means.

6. Danville Dashers

Score: 34, Highest Vote: 4th; Lowest Vote: 8th, twice.


It’s a good deer, decent word mark, and just enough orange that you take notice in it. The deer is simple enough to immediately be recognizable but has enough details and intensity that it isn’t boring. With a weird name like Dashers, this is a pretty strong effort all things considered.

5. Battle Creek Rumble Bees

Score: 25, Highest Vote: 3rd, twice; Lowest Vote: 8th


One of the most wide-ranging logos in our vote, with some seeing it as one of the best in the league, and two others putting it in their bottom four. It’s a good logo, good colors, nice details, including the state of Michigan as the glint in the eye, but it does feel a little familiar because there really is only so much you can do with a bee/hornet/yellow jackets nickname, just ask the Georgia Tech club hockey team.


4. Columbus River Dragons

Score: 24, Highest Vote: 2nd; Lowest Vote: 9th


A really nice, clean, different take on a dragon logo, that gives Columbus’ return to pro hockey a very distinct Look. Sort of like Danville, it’s easily recognizable, but has nice details throughout without being too much. Really clean wordmark, and the little pop of teal is a nice touch that they were also able to take advantage of on the jerseys. Weirdly, this was all over the map, with one putting it as high as second, and another next to last, but the other three being near the middle puts this fourth.

3. Carolina Thunderbirds

Score: 18, Highest Vote: 3rd, twice; Lowest Vote: 4th, three times.


That this didn’t get a vote lower than fourth and still didn’t win or even take second shows you the quality of the logos in this league. Just a very clean, strong look. Great wordmark, nice details in the wins, and a great full frontal facing bird. Really just a very good hockey logo and one that fans are definitely proud to rock in public.

2. Mentor Ice Breakers

Score: 12, Highest Vote: 1st, three times; Lowest Vote: 7th.


Amazing colors, honestly probably the best in the league, great details in the Ice Breakers wordmark, a very simple but classic shark that is mean, but not over the top, and features really cool little things like the nick in his top fin to show he’s battle tested. It’s the perfect combination of cheesy but serious, and turns out to be a classic logo. Weirdly, this received the most first-place votes, but did not win because one person, you’ll find out who shortly, voted it 7th. We may call the cops on that decision.

1. Danbury Hat Tricks

Score: 8, Highest Vote: 1st, twice. Lowest Vote: 2nd, three times.

hat tricks

An instant classic. When we first heard the name was Hat Tricks, we had SERIOUS doubts about the name and what type of logo they would end up with. But the colors, the details, the wordmark, it’s all fantastic and a logo that fight right in at even the highest levels of hockey. For real, this team’s whole branding is fantastic, and most amazingly, this may not even be the team’s best logo, because this alternate logo is just absurdly good.


So that’s our rankings! And because we believe in the Democratic process, here’s how each of our voters cast their ballots, and as always, feel free to share your rankings with us either in the comments on on our social media pages!

1. Mentor
2. Danbury
3. Battle Creek
4. Carolina
5. Columbus
6. Delaware
7. Port Huron
8. Danville
9. Watertown
10. Elmira

1. Mentor
2. Danbury
3. Battle Creek
4. Carolina
5. Columbus
6. Delaware
7. Port Huron
8. Danville
9. Watertown
10. Elmira

1. Mentor
2. Danbury
3. Carolina
4. Battle Creek
5. Watertown
6. Danville
7. Delaware
8. Port Huron
9. Columbus
10. Elmira

Tommy Pecoraro
1. Danbury
2. Columbus
3. Carolina
4. Danville
5. Port Huron
6. Watertown
7. Mentor
8. Battle Creek
9. Delaware
10. Elmira

Huntington Hockey
1. Danbury
2. Mentor
3. Columbus
4. Carolina
5. Danville
6. Delaware
7. Battle Creek
8. Watertown
9. Port Huron
10. Elmira


3 thoughts on “Ranking the logos of the FPHL

  1. Columbus: Best of the lot. Clean and simple, very professional.
    Danbury: I don’t normally go for cartoony logos but this one works for me and, unlike the Dashers logo, the orange works. Very professional.
    Carolina: Nice, if uninspired design, with my only real issue being the cross-eyed bird.
    Battle Creek: An unoriginal, generic bee-themed sports logo (though the outline of Michigan in the eye is a nice touch).
    Danville: The deer head isn’t bad but the orange around the letters is painful to look at.
    Mentor: the pudgy shark looks like Jabberjaw.
    Watertown: This is nothing more than the UConn logo with a few minor tweaks…how the Wolves haven’t been sued yet is beyond me.
    Delaware: Hyper-generic and reeks of clip art.
    Port Huron: Looks like something a 10-year old came up with.
    Elmira: Terrible design and terrible choice of colors equals a terrible logo. Rebrand NOW!!
    For a league with a history of weak logos, they are improving. I’d say that the FPHL having at least four teams with professional-looking logos is definite progress. Still a lot of room for improvement, though.


  2. go to the old “Best of the Fed” program…..many of the former teams of FHL are pictured there…..some great jereys, colors, logos


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