The rosters for each new FPHL team, as listed by the FPHL’s roster pages

While two of the three Federal Prospects Hockey League teams have officially been announced, the news on what went down in the expansion draft nearly two weeks ago has been slow to come out.

Well, today the FPHL website finally update with all nine teams on the site, and the three expansion teams each had a handful of players listed under their roster. Here is each team’s roster at the moment.

For some reason, Delaware was never given a formal announcement, but if they’re on the site, then they’re official enough for us.

NOTE: These are not official signings, but just protected players whose negotiating rights these teams hold.


  • Shea Carey, Forward
  • Thomas Devesvre, Defense
  • Karel Drahorad, Defense
  • Chase Fallis, Foward
  • Dustin Henning, Defense
  • Matt Kadolph, Forward
  • Ondrej Misovic, Defense
  • Nick Niedert, Goalie
  • Edgars Ozolins, Defense
  • Jiri Pargac, Forward
  • Jared Rutledge, Goalie
  • Tim Santopoalo, Forward


  • Dmytro Babenko, Forward
  • Ray Boudiette, F/D
  • Joe Cangelosi, F/D
  • Brandon Contratto, F/D
  • Yan Dumontier, Defense
  • Eric Masters, Forward
  • Josh Newberg, F/D
  • Alex Basey, Defense
  • Anton Lennartsson, Forward
  • Ryan Marker, Foward


  • Cody Karpinski, Goalie
  • Sam Williams, Foward

Again, these do NOT guarantee that the player will be suiting up for the team this season, just that these teams now have these player’s rights for this season.


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