EXCLUSIVE AND BREAKING: New FHL team to be Danbury Hat Tricks

In a random stroke of luck and pure guessing, Bus League Hockey discovered the website for the new Danbury FHL team: The Danbury Hat Tricks.

Here is a screengrab of the home page of the website in case it gets taken down before next Friday’s official announcement.


The logos are below for the team:

Honestly, we were a bit skeptical after hearing the name, but the logos, colors, wordmark, and all of is just fantastic. You’ll remember that Danbury was/is a big hat manufacturing town, and previous had a team in a low pro league before the FHL that was the Mad Hatters, so this ties in great with the local theme, but the logos, especially the one with the rabbit are great.

In addition to the logos, the website contains basically EVERYTHING about the team, including the head coach and general manager, Bill McCreary.

As well as the owners, Jim Diamond, Bill Diamond, Jarrod Moses, Chris Buonanno, and Herm Sorcher.

They also posted ticket prices for everything, season, individual, and group prices, and honestly, they’re pretty dang reasonable.


It also appears as if the arena will announce new partnerships with the arena’s adult hockey programs, and has partnered with something called Hockey Handlez for the 3-stars of the game announcement.




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