Looking to die soon? The Evansville Thunderbolts have you covered!

Minor league hockey and weird promotions go hand-in-hand. I mean, one time a team had a game sponsored by a laxatives company.

Well, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this coming weekend, the Evansville Thunderbolts are going all-out on Saturday night with a number of terrific auction items that fans can take home.

Among the items up for grabs are the usual staples, like gift cards to local restaurants, concert and show tickets, a big pile of scratch-off lottery tickets, haircuts, backpacks with goodies inside…and of course, a burial plot.


That’s right, one fan will go home Saturday night know where they plan to rest for all eternity!

Naturally, we had to find out more about this auction item and Sunset Memorial Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery in Evansville, so we reached out to them via their Facebook page, where they boast a 4.4 rating from more than 200 reviews.

sunset funeral home

We had to know, just how the heck does a funeral home put up a burial plot for grabs at a minor league hockey game? And the fine folks at Sunset were nice enough to answer our questions.

“We were asked by the Thunderbolts to contribute a prize for their St. Patrick’s Day raffle,” a representative said. “And we thought a free space might be a good thing to donate, since everyone will need a space at some point. The person can then begin to plan ahead rather than waiting to do everything at the time of need.”

And you know what? They’re exactly right. We’re all going to die someday, and it never hurts to plan ahead, so this certainly makes sense from that standpoint. And the way funeral costs are these days, getting this plot at an auction during a minor league hockey game could end up being a bargain, especially if the plot isn’t used for a number of years.

But we also had to know, do they get a lot of hockey or Thunderbolts fans in their business?

“I don’t think people disclose that unless they use our Memories Room,” they explained. “And if the person was a big hockey fan, then we would see some items displayed and pictures of that, as well as in the memorial video. We get people with all sorts of interests, and then we can customize their service to them based on what they loved–whether it’s hockey, or fishing, or knitting, or movies, and on and on–so the service is a reflection of their life.”

So yeah, if you’re in the market for a burial plot or want to secure your spot for down the line, get yourself some tickets to this Saturday’s game when the Thunderbolts play host to the Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs.


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