VIDEO: See Sunday’s incident between Enforcers owner Robbie Nichols and a ref

After a league-wide conference call yesterday where Sunday’s incident between Elmira Enforcers owner Robbie Nichols and a referee was reviewed, it was only a matter of time before the video became public.

WETM TV in Elmira was the first to get a copy of the footage, and about an hour ago a reader was kind enough to send Bus League Hockey a copy of the footage.

I’m not going to lie, this doesn’t look good for Robbie Nichols, who, as soon as the referee steps onto the mats to head back to the locker rooms, does in fact get two-hand shoved by Nichols.

Then we see one of the linesmen come in and push Nichols back, which, at that point is justified and likely would be classified as self-defense, before the second linesman and Enforcers players come in to separate everyone, before the officials skate off to a different corner, presumably the tunnel that the Carolina Thunderbirds use to exit the ice.

UPDATE: As we were writing this, the punishment came down, and Nichols was fined $25,000, the max allowed in the FHL. We will have reaction to the fine and suspensions that also stemmed from Sunday’s game coming up.



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