GREAT MOMENTS IN EBAY: We just won a Fayetteville FireAntz jersey!

One of our favorite things to do here at Bus League Hockey is spend too much time on Ebay looking for jerseys of old teams or leagues, and seeing if any of them are a decent deal.

More often than not, the jerseys are insanely priced, because people think hockey fans out there are willing to pay tons of money for nostalgia for a team that nobody outside of the city they played in cares about. For instance, good luck finding a Flint Generals or Muskegon Fury jersey for under $200 on there. But now and again, the heavens smile upon you.

Last week I somehow stumbled upon a strange collection of Fayetteville FireAntz gear from one seller. Not exactly the most vintage team, given that they just changed their name to the Marksmen last season, but they had a bit of everything, a couple t-shirts, items from games, playoff shirts, pucks, and the real stars of the page: two jerseys. Both a home white and road black.

I bid on both.

And then forgot that I bid on both.

So I woke-up to an email Monday notifying me that the auction for the home white jersey had ended, and that my bid of $5 to win it did not end up being enough. I was legit mad because the winning bid was only $5.50, which means that had I had any awareness, I could have had a jersey for under $20 after shipping.

I was not about to make the same mistake today, when the black jersey was set to end at 11:45 local time.

The bid was at $5.50, which makes me think it was the same person trying for it as the white one, and I increased the bid to $10.50 and waited. And waited. And waited as I watched the clock countdown into the final minutes, and then seconds.

And then with 10 seconds left the clown tried to sneak in a bid of $15 to steal it at the last second, but because I was there and waiting, I was able to get a bid of $15.50 in with just two seconds left. No sooner had I hit the “Place Bid” button did the page refresh to say that I had won. So including shipping, I got a, supposedly, brand new Fayetteville FireAntz jersey for roughly $25. SUCK IT WHOEVER YOU ARE WHO TRIED TO SWOOP IN AT THE LAST SECOND AND OUT-BID ME!

So yeah, cannot wait to rock my new jersey of a team that no longer exists, while I attend games that aren’t in North Carolina, or in the same league that the FireAntz played in. It’s like going to a concert, you don’t wear the shirt of the band you’re seeing that night.



One thought on “GREAT MOMENTS IN EBAY: We just won a Fayetteville FireAntz jersey!

  1. I actually like the fox logo if not the Marksman name, but FireAntz was too awesome and local of a name to lose. It is a crying shame. Bringing it back would be almost as good as if the Huntsville Havoc would buy the rights to the old Channel Cats name.


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