Ready for takeoff! A quick Q&A with new Evansville Thunderbolts GM Adam Stio

Well, as one can imagine when you become the newest GM on the block life gets busy fast. BUT the new man in charge of the Evansville Thunderbolts, Adam Stio, took some time out from his busy schedule to chat with us!

Bus League Hockey: What a whirlwind of days for you Adam! Congrats! We gotta ask for those who have never been there, what was the hiring process like?

Adam Stio: Thanks guys it sure has been busy! I don’t know what happened in anyone else’s conversations with team President Scott Schoenike but we had a few positive ones ourselves, the keys for them was my overall experience in hockey, I have a strong background in sales, tickets, overall community relations and of course hockey operations, for example being with the Las Vegas Calvary last season.

BLH: Now that things are getting into place what is your impression of the organization?

A.S: Everything is First Class, very professional from top to bottom, everyone has made my transition here go as smoothly as possible and I’m thankful for that.

BLH: With the dual announcement of your arrival & the hiring of new Head Coach & former NHL’er Ian Moran, what intangibles do you think he will bring to the ‘Bolts?

A.S: Ian has a tremendous amount of experience that spans across sixteen years both on and off the ice as a player, Scout & Coach. He’s played at many levels as well so I think the bond between the Players & Coach Moran will be easily made.

BLH: What are you most excited for this year?

A.S: I’m excited everytime I walk in the door, there is  so much to be amped up for, from the first puck drop of the season, to our public events including the racetrack & baseball games. Also being involved with our community on a personal level helping children & families in need.

BLH: How have the fans greeted you so far?

A.S: They have been fantastic, open arms, ready to go for this upcoming season. It’s a new experience for sure to get recognized when your shopping for groceries, I love this place.

BLH: What should the fans be looking forward to?

A.S: I’ve said it a few times, come for the experience, stay for the hockey! We will do all that we can to make sure our games are a great experience & memory for our community.  We want to put the best product we can out on the ice and compete every night. Our hashtag is #FeelTheThunder and I promise you, you will feel it. We are working on our theme nights too, things like Star Wars night, ugly Christmas sweaters, we are even planning a night or two for your four legged friends. Come out and enjoy YOUR Evansville Thunderbolts!

Again a HUGE thank you to Adam for taking time out of his hectic early days in Evansville to do this. Adam and the Thunderbolts start their season on Friday, Oct. 20 on the road against Knoxville, then are home the next night against Huntsville.


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