Who has the best logo in the FHL?

With two new teams in the fold, we figured it was time to rank all six logos in the FHL. Honestly, the league has a some really good logos, and this was one of the closest votes we’ve ever had.

There was also one team that stood out in the completely wrong way, but who has the best logo? We put it to a vote and had a panel of five rank them.

It’s really simple, we ranked every team from best to worst, so if you were rated the worst logo, you got 6 points and could score as high as 30 points if all three voters put you last. Conversely, if every voter rated you best, you get 1 point from each and would finish with a total of 5.

Without further ado, our rankings!

6. Elmira Enforcers (28 points)

Highest Vote: 4th; Lowest Vote: 6th (four times)

Elmira Enforcers

Honestly, I really thought we were going to get our first-ever vote where a team took all of the last place votes. And this was on-track to do that before Shawn’s girlfriend Tara voted and put it fourth. We’ve been over it on the site before, but it bears repeating. It just doesn’t look like a logo an actual team would use, and has been the butt of jokes from the day it was released. Really, the only redeeming factor in this logo, and even this wasn’t unanimous, is the nice green in the wordmark.

5. Danville Dashers (23 points)

Highest Vote: 3rd; Lowest Vote: 6th.


Honestly, this is a pretty good logo, and if this is the worst of the bunch, non-Elmira version, then you have some really strong logos. The orange color is nice and really stands out in the FHL, the deer head video is really cool took, it’s intense, and the orange eye gives it some pop too. I’m a big fan of the stylized D in both Danville and Dashers. But what I think drops this one in the rankings is it feels really wide, and just doesn’t really look like a logo that would fit well on a jersey. Again though, if this is your 5th-place logo, we have some strong ones ahead.

4. Watertown Wolves (18 points)

Highest Vote: 2nd; Lowest Vote: 5th


The defending Commissioner’s Cup champions check in at fourth on our list, and much like Danville, there’s nothing wrong with it, but there are just a few things that keep it from being in the top-half of the league. It has cool colors, and is a good wolf…but it just looks familiar. Like the logo the Quebec Nordiques almost used before they moved to Colorado, or like the UConn Huskies logo. But this logo is starting to get a bit of history, with two titles under this moniker.

3. Mentor Ice Breakers (13 points)

Highest Vote: 1st (twice); Lowest Vote: 5th

Mentor Ice Breakers

The FHL’s newest team, but not newest logo, makes a strong entry in the FHL logo ranks with a really nice color scheme, and a really nice, but not overly complicated shark logo. We discussed this one before as well, but that’s the beauty of this logo. There’s enough good details, like the teeth and the nick in the shark’s fin, but not so much that you don’t know what to look for. Combine that logo with the colors and the nice wordmark, and you have a logo that was just two points out of the top-spot, and one point from being second. Really good logo in Mentor.

2. Port Huron Prowlers (12 points)

Highest Vote: 1st; Lowest Vote: 3rd (three times)


Amazingly, despite not winning, the Prowlers are the only team in our voting who didn’t have a vote in the bottom three, but because it was voted 3rd so many times, it kept it from taking the No. 1 rank. This logo is among the Top-2 with good reason. It has a great color scheme, good pops of color with the yellow and red, and the use of PROWLERS as the teeth makes this really fun. Honestly, this is a logo that you could see in a higher league like the SPHL, ECHL, or AHL, and it would not look out of place at all. Really strong.

1. Carolina Thunderbirds (11 points)

Highest Vote: 1st (twice); Lowest Vote: 5th


While Port Huron and Mentor may be more modern looks, Carolina is a classic look and that resonated well with our voters. The color scheme is wonderful, and like the Mentor logo, it has enough details in it where you can look at it and see the work that went into it, namely in the feathers and face of the bird, but not so much that you’re overwhelmed.  From the moment this logo debuted in the FHL it was one of the best received, and that continued with our vote. Honestly, I feel like if they play for a long time, all three of Mentor, Port Huron, and Carolina will be remember as some of the best logos in minor league hockey.

So that’s our rankings. Agree? Disagree?

And because we believe in transparency, here’s how each of us at the site voted:

Mathew – PH, Carolina, Danville, Watertown, Mentor, Elmira

Shawn – Carolina, Mentor, PH, Watertown, Danville, Elmira

Ron – Mentor, Carolina, PH, Danville, Watertown, Elmira

IHL Commissioner Drake – Carolina, PH, Watertown, Mentor, Danville, Elmira

Shawn’s GF Tara – Mentor, Watertown, PH, Elmira, Carolina, Danville


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