What will the Elmira Enforcers Mascot be?

After a shocking logo and name reveal, to say the least, the dust has finally settled in Elmira to mostly mixed-to-negative reviews on the new name…unless you ask the hockey experts as ESPN.

That being said, the question of the team’s mascot comes to fruition.

With the logo being Robbie Nichols, er, a very-familiar looking cop, the options certainly seem decently cut-and-dry, but why not have some fun?

We opened the question up to our lovely and clever fans across our social media platforms, and as expected, the answers were humorous and varied.


From just the Cop of the band(?) to the entire group together, many of our readers noted the similarities between “Officer Enforcer”/owner Robbie Nichols, and the infamous-YMCAer Glenn Hughes.

And, honestly…it’s hardly a reach.

Just imagine him ripped with a hockey stick. Uncanny.

If the team does not embrace this hilarious similarity and have a Village People Night, an amazing opportunity will be sorely missed.

If the team goes for a human-mascot (like an actual person, I.e. the Leprechaun from Notre Dame), I’ll be shocked. Let alone a man of such mustachioed power like Glenn Hughes.


Jussi has been coming with the heat in regards to Elmira. He didn’t play around when it came to the mascot challenge.

His first suggestion of two was in regards to the Police Academy movies.

Rumor has it Elmira games will be streamed at the Blue Oyster Club.


Okay, we seriously need to talk about this.

“Tom of Finland” is, to put it plainly, a gay icon.

He is two things –

  1. A pseudonym of groundbreaking, influential late-twentieth century gay cultural artist Touko Valio Laaskonen.
  2. A highly-masculinized homoerotic fetish art series.

A sentence I quite honestly never thought I’d type on BLH.

Let’s review.

Tell me that you couldn’t see Officer Enforcer rolling with this clique. They’re deadpan.

Unfortunately, due to the mature content of these drawings, this is the only photo I can show, but if you really have a raging desire to have more proof, feel free to Google.

It’s hard to deny.


This seems plausible! In fact, having a pseudo-cop come and “arrest” fans during the games could be incredible Jumbotron material.

Adam Stio simply linked this hunk, and if you put him in a ripped cop uniform…you’re set.

The question becomes if you go “real” police officer(s), or a mascot-style police officer.

Stripper Cop is an amazing idea.

We’re going to include this last one here, because it’s just close enough to the theme.

I have a strong feeling this is the winner. It makes way too much sense and is easily marketable.


Finally, a good take.

That’s select fans thoughts! What do you think Elmira’s mascot will be? Let us know below or on any of our social media channels.


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