The Mentor Ice Breakers will have the cheapest season tickets in the FHL

In a Friday evening news drop for the ages, the expansion Mentor Ice Breakers of the Federal Hockey League announced their season ticket prices in a post that popped up on Twitter right around 6 EST, and it’s safe to say that hockey fans in northeast Ohio are getting a bargain to go see the FHL’s newest team.

The team has just two price points for fans interested in buying season tickets for the upcoming 28-game home slate:

$195 for Side Bleachers ($6.96 a game!)
$325 for Social Garden End Zones ($11.60) per game.

It goes without saying that these are by far the cheapest season tickets in the league, especially the side bleachers, which are typically the prime seats at most hockey games. It’s also insanely weird that the Social Garden End Zones are that much higher. We reached out to the team for more info on the Social Garden seats, but have no heard back on what might be included with that ticket, and why and end seat is higher priced than a prime center-ice seat.

UPDATE: It sounds like the Social Garden End Zone seats are glass seats that will wrap around each end and be next to the beer gardens. The ends are the only areas available for glass seats, because the sides have a walkway in front of them so fans get get to the bleacher seats in the lower level, and they don’t want to sell glass seats there, because they would be blocking the view of the people in the bleachers, and likely be a safety hazard to the people using it as a walkway.


The team also released the info on how much walk-up prices are for fans who can’t commit to all 28 games, and they are as follows:

Side Bleacher: $10
Social Garden: $15

So no matter what route you choose to go see the Ice Breakers, it will not cost you a lot of money.

For comparison’s sake, here are the other FHL team’s season ticket prices:

Elmira: Restaurant: $510 ($17 per game at 30 games); Center Ice: $390 ($13 per game); Blue End Zone: $330 ($11 per game); Red End Zone: $270 ($9 per game)

Watertown: $350 and $300 season prices; $15 glass walk-up, $13 non-glass.

Carolina: $475, $325, $255, $210 season prices; $25, $14, $12, $10 walk-up.

Danville: $240 season price; $11 walk-up

Port Huron: $280, $240 season prices; $12, $10 (plus arena fees) walk-up.

So yeah, even the cheapest non-Mentor season ticket in the league, the $210 end zone seat in Carolina, is $15 more than a season ticket in a prime location in Mentor.

This makes us wonder how much of a sweetheart deal the owners in Mentor got, and how much they get to keep out of things like concessions and alcohol sales at the games.

Either way, it’s hard for anyone to be upset at these prices.


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