Could the FHL website be hinting at Elmira’s name?

We were given an interesting tip at BLH the other day from a Federal Hockey League source – and it has to do with Elmira’s name.

Elmira’s name-and-logo-reveal press conference set for this afternoon was rescheduled for August 2, giving us more time to speculate, and unveil this conspiracy.

Here is the current 2018-19 FHL Standings, obviously all teams have zero anything because we’re nearly 100 days from puck drop.

Randomly generated of course, right? Why would any due diligence be put into just the standings for a season that hasn’t happened yet.

Well, hold on. Let’s look at this closer. When you see Danville above Elmira, you may immediately be thinking that it’s alphabetical based on city name…but why is Carolina second-to-last?

Hear me out: this is in alphabetical order based on TEAM name. Dashers first, ??? second, Ice Breakers third, Prowlers fourth, Thunderbirds fifth, Wolves last.

This is clear and direct alphabetical team-name order, and narrows down the possible team names, if this is the variable they’re measuring the values on, to anything after DAS or before IC (D, E, F, G, H, or I).

Having it narrowed down to six-possible letters makes it easier to try and understand what Elmira’s name could possibly be.

Why this matters, is the rampant theories that say that Elmira will be the Express or Generals.

As we’ve expressed before here, Express would be in homage to the “Elmira Express” nickname given to Heisman-winning halfback Ernie Davis, and be already a secured named because of the International Development Hockey League (IDHL) copyright on the name from planning for their inaugural season as an FHL-feeder. The IDHL is owned by the league, and owns Watertown.

As well, owner Robbie Nichols’ already owns a team in the PGCBL with the name Elmira Pioneers. Pioneers and train have similar aesthetics.

As for the Generals name, it pays homage to the long-time home of Nichols’ in Flint during his professional playing/coaching career, as well as Elmira’s long history of involvement in the circuit of American Wars, and the heroes of them.

These two names become incredibly prevalent and possible now with the possible variable values in which the FHL website has the team’s listed as.

We now patiently wait until August 2 to see if either of these become spoken into life.


One thought on “Could the FHL website be hinting at Elmira’s name?

  1. I have mentioned this before. I think the team name for the hockey team should be Pioneers, like Mr. Nichol’s baseball team. The logo should be similar to the BB team’s, with a reference to cold, ice, snow or hockey……….But “The Express” would be a good one too…..Ernie Davis was my all Time favorite college football player


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