It appears the UHL website is dead…again

As the premier hockey reporters on the internet, we do our homework even on leagues that may not actually exist, and part of that is checking in on things all the time just to see if something changes.

Kind of like the United Hockey League, which has had ZERO news since the website launched last fall, leading us to even offer up conspiracy theories about what happened with the league relaunch, or what the motivation behind it was.

Well, last night we attempted to visit and were greeted by this:


That seems bad for a league that was saying it had hopes of starting up again in October, before the website went down. For the second time. That’s right, sometime last fall after it initially launched, it went down for an extended stretch, and this time it’s been down for at least a week.

Again, we’ve reached out to the league before for any sort of info or update, signed up for their mailing list, and haven’t gotten one single piece of news since signing up for it months ago, so it really isn’t surprising that the league website would go down for a second time.

Call me crazy folks, but I don’t see the UHL happening this fall.


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