What should the new Elmira FHL team name be?

After a week that’ll (finally) go down in history for a good reason for the Federal Hockey League, the league has all-of secured its fifth official team for the 2018-19 season in Elmira, New York.

Elmira, prior to last year, had a consistent, long, and passionate hockey history that found its team competing in the United Hockey League and ECHL. Since 2000, the city of Elmira has been symbiotically matched up with the Jackals name.

We know how the ECHL has handled keeping name-rights to teams that relegate. Quad City who ceased ECHL operations this season and now are Southern Professional Hockey League members, was not allowed the legal right to the Mallards name, and is now the Storm.

The situation for a team who ceased operations a year ago is the same, with the ECHL currently owning the trademark to the Jackals name. And unless owner Robbie Nichols and Co. are willing to pony up for it (no idea what that might run), it’s safe to say Elmira will have a new name for their hockey team this season.

We’re here today to throw out our own speculations of what this former-Jackal city will have its new team name as.


Elmira Express

The area has a big train history, and was one of the key stops for early people in the area who were traveling both north-south, and east-west, so there is definitely some history in there, plus the alliteration sound that rolls off the tongue.

Express is a solid name, not overly used, and could make for some interesting logo options when it comes to a train-type logo.

The other reason I think this name might work and actually be chosen, is that the failed IDHL (run by the Watertown Wolves) had a trademark for the Express nickname, as there was rumored to be a team in the league by that name. So maybe the FHL helps Nichols out with a name that’s already trademarked and helps speed up the process of getting a name, logo, and gear done in advance of the season.

Elmira Generals

The Elmira area was also a HUGE area for the Union army during The Civil War, and this nickname pays homage to that name. Plus, owner Robbie Nichols was the former coach of the Flint Generals (RIP), so maybe it’s a way to home to both honor local heritage, and his hockey heritage with a name that hits on two areas he’s called home. Oh and it supports the troops.

It also would open up the door to some potentially cool jersey and color combos, like if they went Army green for more modern army-type colors, they would be the only team in the FHL rocking green, which would be a great look. Or it could mean a navy, red, and white color combo similar to the Columbus Blue Jackets, which could also be sharp.

Elmira Elephants

Alliteration? Check. Silly name that would make waves on the internet and get people from outside Elmira to buy gear? Check.

I would love to see a silly name for the team if they can’t come up with something that ties into local history or legend, so what better than the Elephants? I know there’s no elephants in Elmira, unless the circus comes to town, but I live in a town that once named their team the Gorillas, so it’s not that far out there.

Seriously, a good logo and color scheme in this and people from all over would be buying the gear, and the Elmira Elephants would be the most widely known team in the FHL.

Honestly, I really tried to think of something that tied into Elmira being The Queen City, but just nothing sounded good, like Queens, or was way overdone in hockey, like Knights or Kings.


Elmira Criminals

This is as fantasy out-there name as you can get, but it’s a spec-ed piece and I’m allowed to have fun. I have read pages of reviews about the town of Elmira, and the city has a strong historical presence, and is known for its prisons.

Why not take advantage of that history and tourist attraction with a name that reflects that?

Now don’t come stomping down the war-path yet. I more than understand the overwhelming possible negative connotations in rallying around an organization known as the Criminals. But you could make it fun and super minor league…like a minor league team. I mean, there’s the Topeka Train Robbers.

It’s fun, it won’t happen, it’d be a great logo and super interesting to see such a rally-cry. I want more odd team names in low-level hockey, dang it.

Elmira Monsters/Dragons

This one didn’t come into my frame of mind until I did a quick google search to see what is similar to a Jackal. I found out it’s somewhere perfectly on the spectrum between a coyote, wolf, and domestic dog. That won’t work.

Then I looked for the origin of the term Jackal, and found out it’s a biblical word with multiple loose translations ranging from “beasts of the islands” to “sea monster” to “dragon” back to “wolf”.

Honestly, done right, I think the Elmira Monsters is a sick name. Alliteration returns, you’re still within reach of the true meaning of Jackal, and you still sound fierce.

Elmira Empire

Honestly, it’s doubtful. Empire is such a far-out name, and I’m doubtful few if any teams have adopted that name. The alliteration is there for one, which always helps identify teams. More so…the branding possibilities are pretty endless though, and it’s fitting, being that Elmira is now the biggest claim in the FHL’s history.

You don’t often steal away former ECHL team/cities at this level. But now the last two teams the FHL have added officially via expansion are former-SPHL city of Winston-Salem, and former-ECHL city Elmira. You can really set the tone for what you want your brand to be, and Robbie Nichols is not one to shy-away from establishing dominance.

As it is, Elmira is a girl’s name that means princess. Elmira is the queens city. New York is the Empire State. Let the queen rule her empire. The Star Wars Nights would be perfect.

So those are our picks, what do you think? And if you don’t like any of those, what do you think Elmira’s FHL team should be called?


2 thoughts on “What should the new Elmira FHL team name be?

    1. That’s not the worst idea. One brand has its perks. However, it could pose potential problems in confusion of just the name.


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