NEWS LEAK: Elmira on FHL Schedule

Well, that was an unexpected start to the morning.

Tuning in to the best/worst sports show on the radio, WTOB’s Sports Sunday Brunch, Carolina Thunderbirds GM Scott Brand and Broadcaster Zak DeBeaussaert joined the show to talk about Federal Hockey League scheduling.

During the show, Brand discussed how tomorrow morning the league is having a conference call to discuss choosing between a 54 and 58 game schedule, and how they’re waiting on team officials in “Ohio and New York or Pennsylvania”.

At one point later in the show, DeBeaussaert spilled the beans that Elmira was on his schedule to start the season, causing the rest of the hosts to get excited.

Immediately, Brand started disparaging the “rumor” and said that “Danbury did the same thing with the Thunderbirds”. The show then went to break, as DeBeaussaert backtracked and said it was “simply a rumor”.

As it came back from break, Brand discussed his disbelief in what happened, and called out Bus League Hockey for being ready on twitter and to spread the rumors. He was “dumbfounded”.

We’ve all of gotten confirmation that Mentor is in, and Brand just said “I’m either going to get fired for what just happened, or I won’t come back from Charleston”. The co-host said Elmira was Halloween weekend.

Keep your eyes out, Elmira and Mentor are the FHL’s next teams.


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