Ranking the IHL logos!

With the IHL officially announcing they will play their inaugural season with four teams came the official release of logos and jerseys.

And the league has some pretty dang good logos! But which team has the best logo? Well we decided to put it to a vote here at Bus League Hockey.

It’s really simple, we ranked every team from best to worst, so if you were rated the worst logo, you got 4 points and could score as high as 12 points if all three voters put you last. Conversely, if every voter rated you best, you get 1 point from each and would finish with a total of 3.

Without further ado, our rankings!

4. Hadley Nepessings (11 points)

Highest vote: 3rd; Lowest vote: 4th (twice)


This was the only logo that none of us were wild about. The colors are nice with orange, blue, gold, and black, but the was the only logo that just didn’t feel original. It looks like a knock-off Bruins logo with the spokes behind the H. And the H looks like a Clip Art text that was pasted over the spoke behind it. And the bird on top of the spoke is just kind of there. I think part of it stems from the Nepessings nickname which…I really don’t know what that is even after having someone from metro Detroit explain that it’s a lake.

3. Canton Wolfpack (8 points)

Highest vote: 2nd; Lowest vote: 3rd (twice)


OK this is much better, and if this is finishing third, this shows you the quality the other logos in this league have. Great colors in the blue, black, grey, and white, and the stylized wolf is a nicely done. I’m a big fan of how the wolf’s ear and nose breaks the frame of the crest giving it more space. It looks a little like the Minnesota Timberwolves logo, but I think this works really well and should be a good look on the ice.

2. Macomb Hurons (7 points)

Highest vote: 1st; Lowest vote: 4th


I think this is really well done, and there are TONS of great details in this logo. The face is intense but stoic, the colors of navy blue and yellow are wonderful, and the little feathers being turned into an M for Macomb at the front of the headdress is a nice touch. The only worry we have with this one, and this is true for most Native American teams that don’t use a letter for the logo, is you always wonder if it’s insensitive to actual Native Americans. Hurons is a great name and pays homage to the area’s roots which are with the Huron tribe, but you wonder if they might have gone the safer route with a stylized H or MH logo. That said, this is really well done.

1. Rochester Vipers (4 points)

Highest Vote: 1st (twice); Lowest vote: 2nd


Pretty similar to the logo for Canton, but this was really well done, and I think the green with navy, making it similar to the Hartford Whalers colors, pushes it over the top. The snake is really intense and almost looks mischievous, and again, that they break the barrier from the crest is a cool use of space. It sort of reminds me a little bit of the old Detroit Vipers from the ORIGINAL IHL logo, but is different enough that it stands out on its own, and should look great on the ice in those colors.

And as always, here’s how we voted, from worst to best, because we believe in transparency here at BLH:

Rovitz: Hadley, Canton, Fraser, Macomb

Shawn: Hadley, Canton, Macomb, Fraser

Brian: Macomb, Hadley, Canton, Fraser

What do you think readers, did we get it right or do you think we got it all wrong?




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