Which SPHL Team has the Best Season Ticket Package?

Writer’s Note: this is with information available on team’s websites only. The views of this piece are strictly the opinion of the writer and not factual in nature, unless you agree.

It goes without saying that season tickets are the perfect deal for teams and fans. Teams get a bare minimum guarantee for attendance each night, and locals pay a substantially smaller fee, one-time, to see their favorite team.

Often, Season Ticket Packages come with even more goodies to entice the fans to buy, from affordability to exclusive benefits. Especially in minor league sports, the packages are essential sells for the Front Office, providing definitive fan-financial support.

The Southern Professional Hockey League is especially known for its excitement on the ice to bring in fans – big hits, fights, and the passion of low-level players. With that in mind, I sat down and compiled who has the best season ticket packages based on perks, price, and other factors to decide what the best puck for your buck is.

#10 – Birmingham


  • High: Glass – $27 ($756/28 games)
  • Low: Silver – $12 ($336/28)


  • No service charges
  • No lines
  • 12 month payment plan available

I’m not even exaggerating. That’s everything offered from their season ticket package online. Not to mention, $27/game is the most expensive just Glass package in the entire league, for no real substance besides the product. The fanbase deserves better, and marketing has to step it up. What’re you doing to entice fans to commit all season?

This look gets worse with age, as we’ll take a look at their in-state rival Huntsville Havoc’s prices…lower on the list. Granted, they have been around much longer.

I really don’t mean to be harsh, because I know how loyal the Bulls fanbase is and how thankful they are to ownership for bringing an SPHL team in over an FHL team, but this is just a bad package with nothing additional to offer, besides the product on the ice. Birmingham is newer, yes, but this is not a great look.

#9 – Roanoke


  • High: Glass – $17.5 ($490/28)
  • Low: Bronze – $10.5 ($295/28)


  • 10 percent off merchandise
  • Unused season ticket exchange for GA tickets
  • Early/VIP entrance
  • STH exclusive parties

It’s a shame I have to put this one so high, because honestly this is a fine package. Price is pretty midrange, not a ton of features but decent, all things considered. I’d say this is a safe package, you don’t try and do too much and keep prices low.

If this is your low-end option, that’s pretty telling of what’s to come.

#8 – Evansville


  • High: Glass – $20.5 ($575/28)
  • Low: Goal – $9 ($250/28)


  • Post-game skates with players
  • 15 percent off merchandise
  • Four additional tickets to home opener
  • Five Chuck-a-Puck coupons

This isn’t a bad mix of features and price, especially considering their low-end is technically the cheapest (by $2). The four additional home opener tickets make for a memorable experience for you and four friends, and allows for a crazy home environment for all fans. Coincide the five Chuck-a-Puck coupons that night, and you’ve got an awesome game.

The 15 percent is the high-end for season merchandise, but the post-game skates are really unique. I like that addition, especially for family season ticket holders.

Nice little package here for Thunderbolts fans.

#7 – Quad City


  • High – Hurricane (Glass) – $30 ($840/28)
  • Low – Twister (Corner) – $13.5 ($378/28)


  • Free Parking
  • Two exclusive STH parties
  • Team gift
  • Promotional items
  • Two “any game” vouchers
  • 10 percent off merchandise
  • Monthly town halls with coach and president
  • Exclusive presales to events at TaxSlayer Center
  • Personal ticket consultant

The prices on this are rather expensive, compared to the rest of the league. However, it’s important to remember that they play in one of the larger rinks in what was just an ECHL city.

The reason I can move this up though, is the quantity of things offered that makes this worth it. Free parking alone bumps this one up, because saving that $5-10 a night adds up. Parties, gifts, and promotional items are worthwhile investments, and the 10 percent perk is of course good.

The price isn’t great, but the amount of perks and what they are make this worthwhile, and I think these packages will go over well with Quad City fans.

#6 – Macon


  • High: Glass – $17 ($477/28)
  • Low: Upper Bowl/Endzone – $12 ($354/28)


  • Three team gifts
  • Exclusive lounge for season ticket holders
  • 32 ounce souvenir cup ($3 refills)
  • 10 percent merchandise discount
  • Happy Hour specials
  • Two buddy passes
  • Exclusive parking/entrance

What I really love out of Macon’s deal are the exclusive Lounge, and the surprise factor of three team gifts/happy hour specials. These are so exclusive, that only STH would actually know what these are. The Lounge is a great getaway spot, and I’d have to assume there’d be refreshments available.

The extra two tickets and $3 refillable souvenir cup are good bonuses, especially considering the typical prices for soft drinks.

The secret kicker here is the small price jump to upgrade to the best option, as Macon has the cheapest Glass option in the SPHL.

#5 – Fayetteville


  • Highest: Ice Suite (box on glass) – $23 ($640/28)
  • League-average High: Rinkside (glass) – $20.5 ($575/28)
  • Low: Corner – $10 ($275/28)


  • Exclusive Team blanket
  • Exclusive tailgate parties
  • Exclusive parking/entrance
  • Meet & Greets with players, coaches, and staff
  • 15 percent off merchandise
  • Unused tickets exchange
  • TROOPS BONUS: additional 5 percent season ticket discount for active and retired Military

Fayetteville and Macon are actually very close in the 5/6 spot, but the Marksmen just sneaks past the Mayhem. I really enjoy the tailgate idea, I think the idea of that in a private lot makes for a truly unique game day experience. The blanket is nice, and it never hurts to have that perk in the winter.

This one sneaks past with the unused tickets and 15 percent off. Macon is awesome and unique, but I think this time convenience and simplicity makes Fayetteville the better affordable option.

Fayetteville is essentially the home of Fort Bragg, making having a five percent season ticket discount for military genius. The amount of troops in the area help sell this package.

#4 – Pensacola


  • High: Glass – $24 ($672/28)
  • Low: Endzone – $13 ($382/28)


  • Exclusive custom Pensacola jersey
  • Unused ticket exchange
  • Commemorative Puck
  • Two buddy passes and two-for-one nights
  • Tickets to first two playoff games
  • Chance for private meet and greets

A lot of great options here. Collectors obviously love the commemorative puck, but I think it is absolutely awesome that Pensacola gives STHs custom jerseys. THAT is how you reward people who’ve bought into a whole season commitment with your team.

Being able to get two extra tickets and turn in unused tickets for more creates a great chance for more games with friends. Factor in the two-for-one nights and you’ve got an awesome combination. Throw in the two free playoff tickets and this is not a bad package by any means. Prices are a slight bit high, but overall a very good deal deserving of top five.

#3 – Peoria


  • High: Glass – $20 ($560/28)
  • Low: Pilot House [home goal] – $11.25 ($315/28)


  • Free concession item per game (Hot dog, chips, or soft drink)
  • “30 Days of Hockey” giveaways
  • 15 percent off merchandise
  • Catered “Meet the Team” party
  • 50 percent off coupon for one piece of merchandise
  • Unused ticket exchange
  • Private, early entrance

This feature list is full of some unique and very preferable options, and the price is low-end median. That’s a great combo.

The humongous thing here is the free concession item, because that’s saving you up to $2 a game right there. Factor in all the other ways they reward their STH, with a discount and major coupon, and that’s how you sell products. The “30 Days” promotion is a fun idea, and I think that hosting a big STH party really makes it feel more like a family of supporters.

Incredibly well-done, hitting on all the points you want and enjoy as a fan. This is top tier.

#2 – Knoxville


  • Highest: Box (private, on glass box) – $38 ($1056/28)
  • League-usual High: VIP (home goal) – $28 ($804/28)
  • Low: Endzone – $9.3 ($260/28)
  • These prices are after processing and city taxes


  • Pre AND Post-season game tickets included
  • Exclusive “MemBears only” jersey (it’s purple this year)
  • Concession discounts
  • Merchandise discounts
  • Unused ticket exchange
  • Buddy passes
  • Parking discounts
  • Team meet and greets
  • Skate with Team party
  • Exclusive entrance
  • Discounted extra tickets

Knoxville, you’re doing incredible. These features are simply put, nearly unmatched. You’re paying a bit more for features, but according to their season ticket sheet, the longer you retain as a STH, the less you pay.

Preseason tickets free are common and easy. Sure, convince your season ticket holders they’re getting a great deal by going to a lowly attended game. How do both Knoxville AND my number one pick ramp it up? POST-SEASON TICKETS pro bono. That’s INSANE. Many teams offer first two games free, but to be able to just go during the whole run is nuts. Nothing like rewarding your loyal fans by giving them crem de la crem all year.

This is the second time we’ve seen the exclusive jersey “for free”, and this is simply something not enough team do. Be it a shirt, jersey, hat, or some other piece of team merchandise, this is one of the smartest ways to reward your STHs.

It is worth mentioning too, STH compile reward points in the Knoxville Ice Bears mobile app (that actually works well), and the app is regularly updated and full of great info.

Knoxville cares a TON about their fans, and it shows. They have by far the largest number of seating options, and their low-end is incredibly affordable. A lot of benefits are even provided for half-season ticket holders, but obviously not as many.

It was so tough having to choose between the top two, but this is certainly no disrespect to Knoxville, because their fans are THRIVING with the MemBearships.

#1 – Huntsville


  • High: Gold Reserved – $20 ($560/28)
  • Low: Silver Reserved/GA – $9 ($252/28)


  • Free Friend Friday (season ticket holders get one extra ticket for Friday games)
  • Pre AND Post-Season tickets included
  • Souvenir Popcorn Bucket ($3 refills)
  • Merchandise discounts (undisclosed, we’ll assume low end 10 percent)
  • Unused tickets exchange
  • Early entrance
  • Drawings and giveaways

God, these top two were brutal to try and decide who should be crowned the best. Ultimately, the decision came down to two big benefactors in favor of Huntsville: the top item on the list, and the price.

Listen, I love hockey games and crazy environments, and sure, I can definitely watch hockey alone. With their Friday deal, you can take your friend or significant other for no financial trouble off them, and no guilt off you. That’s a cool thing to do, and makes for a chance to have nearly a free half-season pass for whoever you bring.

As mentioned with Knoxville, Huntsville gives STHs playoff tickets for the entire playoffs. Don’t forget that this is the team that won it all last year!

The other options are plentiful and nice. I always like souvenir stuff, and honestly a bucket of popcorn for $3 is a real good price.

Huntsville clearly understands how to reward their loyal fans, and there’s a reason their attendance leads the league. Having the cheapest low-end season ticket price certainly doesn’t hurt either.

So congratulations Huntsville, you won the big honor this year, AND the President’s Cup!


4 thoughts on “Which SPHL Team has the Best Season Ticket Package?

  1. Peoria could up their rating if they went back to the unused ticket exchange (for any game) and some other promotions they’ve had in the past. Seems like they offer less every year.


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